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Small Apartments

Conceived for those traveling as a couple who want a warm, cozy, romantic place to spend  days immersed in full relax and surrounded only by nature


Casa Pera 1

Mq/SQM 54

You will be absolutely enchanted by the romantic atmosphere of Casa Pera 1, that is built inside the village’s old school.

Casa Pera 2

Mq/Sqm 59

The living room and its countryside-style arch built in bricks and its wooden beams crossing the ceiling will make you feel at home while spending the evening in front of the fireplace...

Casa Dario 1

Mq/Sqm 51

If you are looking for a romantic place to relax with your partner in the peace and quiet of the Chianti countryside, then Appartamento Casa Dario 1 is the ideal solution for you

Casa Dario 5

Mq/Sqm 55

Appartamento Casa Dario 5 is definitely a unique place to stay thanks to its kitchen, the big original fireplace...