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Medium Size Apartments

The Medium Size Apartments are dedicated to those planning holiday with their family or with a small group of friends. Large and fully equipped, they preserve a gentle atmosphere of old time Tuscany thanks to the fireplace with exposed beams, stone walls and rustic, but chic furniture.


Casa Granaio 1

Mq/Sqm 64

Appartamento Casa Granaio 1 is very bright and decorated with delicate colours and country styled furniture. It is located on the ground floor of what used to be the village’s old wheat deposit...

Casa Granaio 2

Mq/Sqm 47

Appartamento Casa Granaio 2 is ideal for families with a baby or for small groups of friends because not only is it cosy ...

Casa Guardia 1

Mq/Sqm 70

Appartamento Casa Guardia 1used to be the home of the village’s gamekeeper and has an exclusive panoramic terrace...

Casa Guardia 2

Mq/Sqm 66

Appartamento Casa Guardia 2is the ideal solution for a group of friends or for a couple with children. It still conserves the authentic ...

Casa Pera 3

Mq/Sqm 66

Appartamento Casa Pera 3, which is furnished in a country-chic style, is perfect for groups of friends or couples with children.

Casa Pera 4

Mq/Sqm 70

The big wooden four-poster bed and the wonderful view of the Tuscan countryside will make you absolutely fall in love with Appartamento Casa Pera 4...